Working with Knuckleheads

Trina (little Trina) and Bentley, pals.

I have been freelancing and working from home for five months. Of course, networking and other events provide great relief from the quiet. But I find that blocking my time works for me to ensure that I set aside time for important tasks.

Be devoted and have the ability to concentrate and not get distracted. I set time for working, email, networking, meetings with clients and potential clients, posting on my website and social platforms, and dog walks. Be sure to include factors such as physical therapy and exercise. (For me water exercise is another form of PT.) All these elements make for busy days. If I did not work in scheduled blocks, life would be chaotic – or more than it is already.

WARNING: if you work at home and have dogs, don’t let knuckleheads like these two tell you they need a walk every hour. Schedule those also.

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