Why you need a copy editor

In almost any industry —marketing, legal, real estate, home improvement, corporate, fashion, blogging — someone is writing for print or online. If someone is writing, it’s a good idea to have a copyeditor review your work. The reasons are many, but here are two:

(1) Use a trained eye to catch spelling, grammar, punctuation, spacing, style, and elements which you are not trained to correct:

You may write using phrases familiar to you, but the reader isn’t privy to your mind. You may also have awkward phrases, long sentences, incomplete thoughts, and the like. A fresh perspective will catch those.

(2) You are too close to it: You have read it and “said” it in your mind so many times that your brain starts to skip words.

You are no longer able to read it objectively. There may also be too much or too little writing. Perhaps the writing needs explanation, but in your mind it makes sense. A copyeditor ensures that you say what you mean, preferably in the least amount of words possible. Clear and concise writing is usually the best.

This article from expresswriters.com does a great job of explaining the importance of a copyeditor. (Yes, the term “copyeditor” was accepted as one word in 2018!) https://expresswriters.com/what-a-copy-editor-does-and-why-you-need-one/

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