Why almost everyone needs an editor

Here are a few valid reasons to use an editor (even when you think you don’t need one.)

  1. You are too close to the material. You have gone over it many times and don’t catch what could be improved. Also, it may make perfect sense to you in your mind, but not to others.
  2. Poorly worded phrases or sections. You are pretty comfortable in how you write, but it doesn’t always translate to others. Most writers are writing from the heart, for marketing, or to make a point. Only someone reading it for the first time will be able to see the areas needing improvement.
  3. Most people say to set it down; walk away from it and go back in a few days or more. You will then find yourself in re-writing mode. Let an editor do this for you to save time and to ensure that it is viewed as a reader, something you cannot easily do.

Give it a try and see what may be improved. You may be pleasantly surprised.

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