What Was I Thinking? I need an editor

Writers, marketers and web developers – write to your heart’s content. Engaging an editor shouldn’t offend you. Let me explain why.

Regardless of how well you write, a writer can rarely produce perfect copy the first time. 

Don’t you find yourself looking back at that first draft and say, “What was I thinking?”

People speak conversationally. That’s fine. But, when you are giving a presentation, do you rehearse it? That’s how editing works. It refines and perfects. A third party is the only one who can know how a reader or audience member will receive it. As a writer, you can’t.

Using a copyeditor:

  1. Reviews the logic and order of your writing.
  2. Reviews technical sentence structure, syntax, word choice and sentence length; all important aspects of writing.
  3. Helps improve the efficiency and impact of your writing.
  4. Ensures that what you are trying to convey is conveyed.
  5. Prevents you from going on tangents because you know the material so well. The reader doesn’t; so, keep it clean and crisp.
  6. Considers viewpoints and questions you may not have considered.
  7. Reviews style and consistency.
  8. Sees it for the first time, something a writer can’t do. 

Editors help you focus, consider your readers, and polish your writing. Remember, the best authors have editors.

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