Weekly Words F-L

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This week I explore the misunderstood use of a few words from f-l. I was also asked to repost affect/effect and ensure/insure.

Affect – (verb) to act on; produce an effect; change

My poor windows affect the temperature in the house.

Effect – (noun) a result; something that is produced by cause; a consequence

The new windows had a great effect on the warmth of the house.

Ensure – to secure; guarantee; make certain

Will these new windows ensure warmth?

Insure – a guarantee against loss of harm; (insurance). Insure involves money.

What types of plans do you have to insure my new windows?

This week’s new words:

The first pair are quite confusing, and you will see why.

Further – (adverb) at or to a greater distance; at or to a more advanced point; to a greater extent

I’m too tired to go further.

Let’s not discuss it further.

(adjective) promote; advance.

Does this mean further delay? He will always further his cause.

Farther – (adverb) (answers how) at or to a greater distance

He went farther down the road.

at or to a more advanced point

They are going no farther in their studies.

at or to a greater degree or extent

The application of the law was extended farther.

Farther – (adjective) more distant or remote than something or someplace nearer:

the farther side of the mountain.

extending or tending to a greater distance

 He made a still farther trip.

Guarantee – (noun) a promise or assurance, especially one in writing, that something is of specified quality

A money-back guarantee.

Guarantee (verb) to secure by giving or taking a security; to promise on behalf of another person who is responsible

I guarantee I will be there.

Guaranty – (noun) a warrant, pledge, or formal assurance given as security (as in debt) something that is taken or given as security

Please sign this guaranty.

Healthful – conducive to health; wholesome; beneficial to body or mind

A healthful diet; a farm’s healthful environment.

Healthy – pertaining to good health; possessing or enjoying good health

(also) A healthy diet; a healthy business; healthy appearance.

And  – the worst offender.

Irregardless; regardless

Please – just use regardless. People tend to say this from using irrespective, irrelevant and irreparable.

From dictionary.com: Irregardless is considered nonstandard because of the two negative elements ir- and -less.  You won’t sound any more intelligent using it; quite the contrary.

Leave – (verb) to go to or away from; to depart; or to set out

You leave the house; you leave a job; you leave for vacation.

Let – to allow to pass or come; a contract; lease

You let someone through; you let someone escape; you let the apartment for $500.

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