Using the correct word

I am reminded from time to time when I see a tip that it is worth sharing. We Americans can get a bit sloppy when we speak, but it’s always best to write correctly.

Run vs. Running

scenario: a man skis to his workplace


  – I go skiing to get to work.


if something is necessary, use the verb, e.g., run, ski

  – I have to ski to get to work.  (this person actually has to use skis to get to work).

– I have to run 5 miles to qualify in the marathon.

If something is for pleasure, use go, the gerund of the verb.

  – I go skiing on weekends.

I go running to build the muscles in my legs. 


Here is another: Forgot/Left

from “English Grammar Today”

Tip: We sometimes use forget when we don’t remember to bring something with us:

I’ll have to go back; I’ve forgotten my car keys.

We use leave with this same meaning, but only if we mention the place where we left something:

Correct:  – Mia, you’re always leaving your car keys on your desk.

Not: … forgetting your car keys on your desk. or … you’re always leaving your car keys.

Correct:  – I left my homework at home.

Not: I forgot my homework at home.

Tip: Use leave when the action is deliberate:

Correct:  – We decided to leave the dog at home.






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