Using a Copyeditor, Part 2

 It’s All About Cohesion and Consistency


Maintaining a copyeditor ensures that your image, brand, voice and communication are consistent throughout your various marketing materials. Especially if you are the writer. You’ve looked at the material so often that your brain doesn’t see what’s obvious to an outside reader. A copyeditor can help communicate in an impactful and powerful way that you may be unable to do.


Using a copyeditor doesn’t mean that there is something wrong with your writing. Writing and editing are different skills. For instance, you may not spot that your web content and blog are sending different messages. You want your words to be engaging, inspiring and motivating. Not leave someone wondering. At that point, you may have lost the reader. A confused reader won’t make a decision.


Once you’ve finished writing, editing is merely the polish. It’s a checks-and-balances. And it’s affordable.


How Best to Use a Copyeditor


Today, people are writing their own emails, marketing materials, social media content, blog posts, web content, and presentations.


Copyeditors may charge by the word, page, or provide a lump sum price after reviewing the material. Copyeditors have a keen eye, education, and experience in how to improve your writing. It will save you time but also ensure that every aspect of writing has been reviewed. Having a third party read it ensures that it’s being read for the first time (something you can’t do). In essence, the copyeditor is the first-time reader – your intended audience – who will spot where the writing needs help.


Providing professionally written material conveys a good work ethic. It shows that you care and that you are professional is everything you do. And that reflects well on your business.


Trina Gigax

Fresh Eyes Reading LLC and The Pooch Writer




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