Things to do while working at home

A small cheering section for those of us working from home.

It’s challenging, so these guys salute you. Please share.

It’s possible (probable) you have papers and Post Its all over with your logins and passwords for the myriad websites you use. Use a super-secure site like Dashlane – a highly encrypted site  (around $50) – to enter them and use one password to enter. It took me two sessions of an hour to set up Dashlane to enter my logins/passwords. They frequently change encryption — almost impossible for hackers to get in. It’s rated as one of the top “one password” sites.

Now everything is neat as can be and I only have one password to remember. Please choose a password you will remember without having a hint. [Keep your hint only displayed.] Use a combination of a security word and the year. Example: My$ecurity20. Use a cap, a number and a special character. The $ replaced the S.


Good luck. 

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