The Bumpy Road

credit – Jannes Glas

I created a partial metaphor yesterday while sending love and prayers to an ill friend. As I responded later, I realized I was also speaking about my life, especially the recent past. The last two years have been particularly challenging in ways I never imagined. They involved personal issues, family medical, dementia of a parent, loss of two dear friends, and reinventing late in life.

Despite our efforts to keep life moving and handling the bumps in the road, we falter. And we don’t always handle those bumps and challenges so well. One friend loss was to cancer; having experienced that, my challenges seem manageable.

Perseverance and resilience are fundamental qualities to ride that bumpy road. Doing what you love and having the courage to keep going builds strength and character. Obstacles are challenges, correct? Recall, “When life gives you lemons — make lemonade.” Well, lemonade is somewhat bitter until you add sweetener. Find your sweetener and add it to your life.

And – that road ahead isn’t always bumpy. Sometimes it’s smooth riding after the bumps. You simply can’t see that far ahead.

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