Really Unique – really?

Really, very, especially, (choose your adverb)

People love to modify the word “unique.” The problem is that it’s an absolute adjective. It can’t be compared or take a superlative form. Like dead and pregnant. You simply can’t modify them. (Thank you for mentioning this President Bartlet on West Wing.)

Let’s not take the easy (and uninteresting) way to describe something worthwhile. Unique can have several meanings. Take a diamond and a duck for instance.

Here are many examples of words to use if you feel the need to say “really unique,” or “very unique.” Please don’t! Unique can’t be modified with an adverb like really or very.

Unique as a Blue Diamond

Exclusive, rare, spectacular, unsurpassed, unrivaled, incomparable.

Unique Like an Odd Duck

Atypical, quirky, different, curious, bizarre, unconventional, weird.

Unique as One and Only

Distinctive, singular, novel, original.



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