To create a positive company culture where each person is valued and treated equally, you need more than a diverse group of people on the payroll. Each individual employee must feel appreciated, heard and supported. Consider these strategies for ensuring an inclusive environment at your workplace.


Advocate for a diversity and inclusion council.

For lasting organizational change, consider dedicating a small group of individuals to be committed to promoting inclusion within the company. The Society for Human Resource Management suggests that the council should represent all kinds of diversity in the company, such as ethnicities, ages, genders, business sectors, and even geographic locations. This group could also set and evaluate hiring goals, organize training programs, present policy ideas to the leadership team, and provide a safe place for individuals to express concerns.


Take personal responsibility. If you are in a position of leadership, use your influence to create and establish policies that reflect positive values. Plan ongoing diversity and inclusion training opportunities for your employees. If you are an employee, you can share any personal concerns with HR and also listen to the experiences of coworkers. You may also suggest that HR bring in outside speakers to offer training in team building or interpersonal relationships.


source: ReMax Traditions mailing

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