Phrases that lower the intelligence of your writing

I am a copyeditor who writes enough to rephrase or enhance writing. My job is to look for ways to improve writing by changing punctuation, modifying word use, rearranging sentences, and adding or removing words that detract from the message or story. I’m not a “writer.”

Many people enjoy writing their own blogs and content. Perhaps you hire someone for marketing —but marketers often focus on selling and idea or product, key words, SEO, etc. They sometimes miss the viewpoint of the reader. And it’s the reader who counts.

Writing should be clear, concise, persuasive, and professional. Concise doesn’t mean less intelligent wording. It means keeping words or phrases that help a reader absorb the message or story.

Remove what causes difficulty for the reader to clearly and quickly understand your message. Redundant words are catch phrases; they don’t add to your writing. Isn’t a message the point of writing?

Avoid these redundancies for more professional writing:

a.m. in the morning

p.m. in the afternoon

Absolutely necessary

Advance planning

Collaborate together

Eliminate altogether

Final outcome

Introduced for the first time

Joint collaboration

Look ahead to the future

Number one leader

New innovation

Originally created

Over exaggerate

Past memories

Period of time

Present time (at the)

Reason why (the)

Skipped over

Tiny bit

Unexpected emergency

Unintentional mistake

Very unique (can’t modify unique)

Whether or not

Write down

Worldwide global.


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