Very, Nice and Sting

  What is she thinking? You wonder. I was listening to an interview with the famed singer where the interviewer asks, “What is your favorite word? -- and least-favorite word?”
Sting didn’t like, “nice.” Overused. Used to describe too many things. This brought me to another word that we could replace – “very.” Used as frequently as “nice.”
The kitchen, your bathroom, your neighbor, your outfit, your backyard, a photo, etc. -- all described as “nice.” Now it will bother you how often people use it. So, in place of “very ______,” let’s try these:
Very…(modifying)…(word/new word(s)
very open/transparent
very honest/straightforward, frank
…. poor/destitute
…. rich/well off/prosperous
…. scared/petrified, terrified
…. intelligent/brilliant
…. angry/indignant
…. big/gigantic, enormous
…. happy/delighted, overjoyed, elated
…. tired/drained
Using your thesaurus can be quite elevating!

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