Managers – Do you need help writing to employees?

Many managers find writing memos an excruciating process. E.g. Writing a memo to ALL employees. Especially if the manager is not an effective writer. Say the memo needs the following: a message, a pleasant tone, and a directive.

The most efficient and effective way to communicate is clear and concise writing. People are busy and want to read quickly. That doesn’t mean simple writing lacking industry jargon. Your message needs to sink in and stay. In business communication, less is better. Unnecessary words and phrases add confusion and clutter.


A manager needs to write a memo to stop the use of personal social media and email on company time.

The manager may use phrases like these:

“It has come to my attention … ”

“Such practice is contrary to our company policy.”

“Anyone caught doing …”

All sound autocratic. And fear is not a method to instill positive behavior.

First, the manager is writing because it has come to his attention. That phrase is unnecessary. Stating that the practice is contrary to company policy may be unclear.

It the policy known by all? Employees may think it’s acceptable. The manager needs to state or reiterate the policy and ask people to abide.

Good tone:

“Employees have been using their computers for personal email and social media. Please refrain from this.” Better. To the point, not harsh – simply stated.

“We understand the need to check on personal matters during the work day. Please use your lunch hour for personal use and personal email instead of company email. Thank you.”

What’ your tone?

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