Introducing The Pooch Writer

Many of you know me as Trina Gigax, freelance copyeditor, Fresh Eyes Reading LLC (my other half.) Of course, I still am Trina – but I created a moniker, The Pooch Writer, derived from my insane love of dogs. It’s really Bentley, our Yorkie. He will help me reach dog lovers, pet shop owners, rescue organizations, trainers, doggie-clothes makers, or anyone in a dog-related business.
Dogs have brought me so much joy my entire life. It started young, when my father made my mom give up our dog, Missy. I suppose I fixated on dogs the rest of my life because we no longer had one. (as do my three sisters.) And in recent years, Bentley, my beloved Yorkie, brought me healing.
I love how dogs have such an innocence (yes, even when they’re not behaving up to our standards.) Whether they are loving, digging, licking, running, chasing, sleeping or baring teeth – it’s what dogs do. It’s in their DNA, like turning around and “making a bed” before lying down.
You can’t berate your dog if he or she ate your shoe. Because (honesty here), didn’t you leave the shoe somewhere in its pathway? And if they dig in the dirt or bring you a dead bird – they are having fun and living out a dog’s existence.
Mainly, they provide unconditional love and friendship. They seem to know when you’re ill. They get excited when you do. What other creature devours meals with such enthusiasm? If you are gone two minutes or five hours, you are met with the same love and affection. Their smiles display elation at the simplest things.
For these reasons, I am taking a sector of my business to honor dogs. I want to help people in dog-related businesses boost their business and tell their stories through writing and copyediting.
Don’t count the people you reach, reach the people who count.
They are your friends, customers, clients, prospects and business associates. Thank you, Trina
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