Have you answered the elements of a story?

You often hear about the interrogatives of a story: who, what, why, where, when and how. Having key elements draws a person in. They answer and pose questions, and keep the reader moving through the story.

Equally important is the order in which they appear. A press release and other types of writing have a required style and format. But what if you can decide that? You are the writer – you have control over what to reveal and when.

Take a story about a recent company expansion. Consider: why the need, the key elements, how those elements contributed to the expansion, and a conclusion. You may write it in chronological order. Or, write a more interesting story of who and why the company started. Write about that person’s goals. How those achievements encouraged the expansion and the new benefits received.

The order is up to you and how you tell it with those interrogatories answered. Give it style. Give it a little spunk. Make it a bit evocative (not sexiness, but evoking emotion.) It’s your story to tell.

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