Free Knitted Hats and Blankets for Cancer Patients

Many people wear knitted hats to keep their heads warm. That’s not news. But if you have lost your hair due to cancer and chemotherapy, it’s a big deal.

Knitting for Cancer, a non-profit organization in Cleveland, Ohio, provides soft warm hats and lap blankets for those who’ve lost their hair. While in chemotherapy, patients are cold for two reasons: chemo makes you cold, and the rooms are generally cold to reduce spreading germs.

Executive director, Jennifer Bystricky, is an amazing woman who has a heart of gold. She lost her mom, Linda Coffman, to cancer in 2016. Jennifer was her caregiver. She recalled the days when Linda’s head was getting scratched from some of the caps she wore to bed, often leaving little red marks.

Jennifer now oversees the knitting of these caps and blankets and delivers them to wherever they are needed.Please donate so Jennifer may purchase the softest yarn available.  For more information on how to give, please visit

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