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Three Quick Error Quests for You
How good are you at finding errors? The three short error quests below will test your proofreading skills and your knowledge of grammar, punctuation, and structure. Each quest contains just one error—no more, no less. Can you find it? You may be surprised at the solutions. Good luck!
Error Quest 1:

Because Pedro is one of the community’s most important leaders, his advice and wisdom are sought on all major decisions. He is a keen farmer, a voracious reader, and is intimately involved with local political organizations. We should definitely try to meet with him.

Error Quest 2:

I would describe Eva as a socially-connected, dedicated development officer. Her family has a long history in the community. Her father taught at a local high school, and her mother played in the city’s symphony orchestra. Eva attended local schools and the state university before starting her fundraising career at the museum.

Error Quest 3:

Adrian Talbot (S&I), Ginette Shellman (IT), Ombretta Evans (CT), and myself make up the core technical team. We have met weekly since November and have made good progress. When we are ready to present our plan, we will invite you and the other directors to a meeting at the plant.

Answer #1 – parallelism: The second sentence sounds like a series, but it’s not. The third item, “and is intimately involved…” does not follow: a keen farmer, a voracious reader, and (need a noun). So, you could say, “and an active participant in the local political organizations.” Or make it split with two independent clauses.

Answer #2 – “socially-connected” should not be hyphenated. Socially is an adverb, and you hyphenate compound adjectives, not adverbs.

Answer #3 – Should be “and I” not “and myself.” Adrian, Ginette, Ombretta and I make up the team. You would not say, “myself make up the team.”

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