Creating a Style Guide

If you are using writing or editing assistance, a style sheet is essential. You likely have terms, proper nouns, logos and other kinds of “styles” you prefer.

A style sheet is a list of requirements for how writing should appear to be consistent throughout the project or paper.

This saves you time and money by getting it correct the first time.

Create a Style Sheet:

Make a list of names, expressions, and punctuation: SHUTTLE, Shuttle, shuttle; a.m., A.M., AM.; web page, webpage; serial comma, no serial comma.

Using key communication personnel decide which way will become the standard. You will probably need to consult style manuals for guidance on some choices.

Note: Do not create norms that disagree with widely accepted rules, or you will continually be defending them.

Alphabetize the style sheet.

Post the style sheet online for input.

Make the style sheet accessible to everyone in the organization, and inform everyone of its purpose and importance.

Continue to remind people about the style sheet and how to access and update it.

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