Copyediting or Proofreading?

As you can see in the figure, copyediting is more involved and is a deeper look at content. It may involve changing sentences, moving sentences or paragraphs to a better location, and ensuring everything in the piece is true and necessary.

If you don’t employ any type of editing after you have written something (or paid to have it written), at the very least have a professional proofreader review it. Often times, errors occur when someone changes even a tiny element during the final stages. Removing or adding a word; changing hyphenations to commas; changing the order of items – all can change the format. 

Proofreaders will look for repeated words, omitted words, incorrect use of words, as well as grammar, punctuation and style. 

Every time someone looks through your piece and has an edit, formatting and design can change. Proofreading is the finalstage – no changes after proofreading. You are then ready to upload or print the material.

Trina Gigax

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