Confusing Words-Week Two

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Selection A-G

As promised, here is week two of words that may be confusing. Since I will be going alphabetically, I am choosing a few words from A-G.


Aural: comes from ‘aura” – think ‘a’ — atmosphere; ear, hearing, sensation, distinct quality.

Oral: think dentist – through the mouth, spoken. Oral is only through the mouth.

Verbal: words, consisting of words, spoken through words. Verbal can be spoken or written.


Elusive: failing to allow a perception, difficult to express or define.

Illusive: deceitful, fake, misleading.


Emigrate: to leave one country for another, settle in another country.

Immigrate: to come into a country that is not native, to come into a new habitat.

Migrate: to go from one country to another, to pass periodically (like birds) from one environment to another, to shift a system or mode to another.


Flaunt: parade or display boldly.

Flout: scorn, scoff, mock.


Grisly: causing a feeling of horror, gruesome, formidable.

Gristly: containing gristle (cartilage, as in meats).

Grizzly: grayish, as in grizzly bear.

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