Are You Writing with Clarity?

Tips to write with clarity

1) Know your message.

If you don’t know it, how can others understand it? Think about what you want to say before you start writing.

Subject: What? Your point: How? Outline: Make a small outline of points.

2) Know your audience.

The better you know your target, the easier it is to convey your message.

Think about the level of person or their content knowledge. Adjust accordingly.

3) Explain anything that might not be obvious to your readers to help them understand. (Does everyone know what clarity means? Do people know the term: digital marketing?)

4) To help yourself, write a few sentences at a time. Blend them into paragraphs later. This will help you see where you need help in pulling it together.

5) Use several sentence lengths: Short is punchy; short captures attention. Longer may be needed to explain a concept. Add one-sentence paragraphs in your content so an idea will stand out.

6) Avoid false subjects: There is, It is. Those words point to something else; state the subject about which you write. (the restaurant, the article, toys, computers, etc.)

7) Avoid adverbs and other filler words: [adv] really, very, still, actually, literally; [filler words]  real, true, just, maybe.

8) Avoid words where people will have to check a dictionary: ameliorate [improve], ubiquitous [pervasive, everywhere]. Many people may know these words, but why alienate those who don’t.

9) Be consistent. Develop a style that your readers can expect. They will become return readers.


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