8 Cs to Better Writing

8 Easy Tips for Better Business Writing


Clear – be clear in your writing. If someone has any confusion about what you are conveying, you’ve lost them.

Coherent – make sure all elements of writing are correct. Grammar, punctuation, capitalization, subject-verb agreement, etc.

Concise – remove unnecessary jargon and phrases. Instead of “in order to accomplish …” simply use the “to accomplish …” And reduce longer phrases – for “due to the fact that …” simply say, “because …”

Concrete – don’t be vague about your writing. Keep to your topic and support it with facts.

Consider – consider the reader – this is about voice, temperament and connotation. Once you’ve accomplished writing the material, look at it from a different viewpoint.

Conversational – keep your content conversational. Although you may be presenting some pretty hefty material, keep it relational for everyone.

Courteous – always be pleasant. If are upset or negatively impacted about a situation, find a neutral-tempered way to express it.

Credible – ensure that all facts are true and correct. Even something as simple as “Tuesday, February 16,” is Tuesday really the 16th or did you mean Monday? Verify spellings of all proper nouns and what should be capitalized. Use AP Style of Chicago of Manual as a resource.



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