Test Answers

Here are the answers. As you will see, there are mistakes other than misspelled words. Spelling and grammar check systems often miss these other types of errors. See below.

“When Apple launched its first iPhone in 2007, it didn’t disappoint. In fact, it immediately captured the collective imagination with a geeky allure driven by Apple’s slick design, the phone’s smart flexibility and its innovative multi-touch approach.”

Apple Corps: It was Apple Inc (or just ‘Apple’) that launched the iPhone. Apple Corps is actually the multimedia company founded by the Beatles.

their: Companies are traditionally referred to as singular entities. So this sentence would use ‘its’ rather than ‘their’.

2008: Another fact-checking test. The first iPhone was launched in mid-2007, not 2008.

dissappoint: There’s only one ‘s’ in ‘disappoint’.

Apples: This should have an apostrophe – i.e. Apple’s — possessive, the company’s design.

flexibility – the last ‘i’ was missing.

it’s – its is the possessive form referring to the phone. It’s means ‘it is’ which doesn’t make sense.

innovative – has two ‘n’s.