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Do you use hyphens and em dashes correctly?

  Many people interchangeably use hyphens and dashes. Hyphens are shorter and are used for specific purposes. Dashes set off a thought or are used for emphasis. The most common dash use is an Em Dash which is longer. “I thought to myself — do I really need this?”   Hyphens basically connect two adjectives

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Using a Copyeditor, Part 2

 It’s All About Cohesion and Consistency   Maintaining a copyeditor ensures that your image, brand, voice and communication are consistent throughout your various marketing materials. Especially if you are the writer. You’ve looked at the material so often that your brain doesn’t see what’s obvious to an outside reader. A copyeditor can help communicate in

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Why You Probably Need a Copyeditor, Part 1

  What is copyediting?   Part 1 of 2   Copyediting is often confused with proofreading. Most people understand proofreading to be finding errors. If it helps, think of these three stages when considering writing: Copywriting Copyediting Proofreading Copyediting follows writing. First you write to get your thoughts down, then edit. Next, take a look

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