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Dog Blue and Bentley

A blue lake, a Blue dog and dark chocolate

It all began with chocolate. Isn’t that the best way to start any adventure? My husband and I were at the local grocery in Glen Arbor, Michigan picking up a few items when I had a hankering for chocolate. (This happens frequently.) Near the checkout I saw,  “Grocer’s Daughter” chocolate and picked up a bar.

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Do you use hyphens and em dashes correctly?

  Many people interchangeably use hyphens and dashes. Hyphens are shorter and are used for specific purposes. Dashes set off a thought or are used for emphasis. The most common dash use is an Em Dash which is longer. “I thought to myself — do I really need this?”   Hyphens basically connect two adjectives

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picture of rescue Bentley my rescue

Introducing The Pooch Writer

Many of you know me as Trina Gigax, freelance copyeditor, Fresh Eyes Reading LLC (my other half.) Of course, I still am Trina – but I created a moniker, The Pooch Writer, derived from my insane love of dogs. It’s really Bentley, our Yorkie. He will help me reach dog lovers, pet shop owners, rescue

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Using a Copyeditor, Part 2

 It’s All About Cohesion and Consistency   Maintaining a copyeditor ensures that your image, brand, voice and communication are consistent throughout your various marketing materials. Especially if you are the writer. You’ve looked at the material so often that your brain doesn’t see what’s obvious to an outside reader. A copyeditor can help communicate in

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Why You Probably Need a Copyeditor, Part 1

  What is copyediting?   Part 1 of 2   Copyediting is often confused with proofreading. Most people understand proofreading to be finding errors. If it helps, think of these three stages when considering writing: Copywriting Copyediting Proofreading Copyediting follows writing. First you write to get your thoughts down, then edit. Next, take a look

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SEO and Key Words Helpful Tips

SEO – Search Engine Optimization You may have heard of SEO, or “Search Engine Optimization” in relation to any type of web content writing. SEO can help your writing more than you’d think, as it centers your topic focus before creating articles or posting. By using key words that cause your content to appear after

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Photo of Hundreds of people on Zoom in the shape of a globe


To create a positive company culture where each person is valued and treated equally, you need more than a diverse group of people on the payroll. Each individual employee must feel appreciated, heard and supported. Consider these strategies for ensuring an inclusive environment at your workplace.   Advocate for a diversity and inclusion council. For

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picture of cubes spelling BLOG

How to write a great blog

I have presented the topic in this video to several groups. People love and gain several great tips to improve their writing. This video first shows how to write better using a little editing, then presents ways to make your blog stand out. Enjoy.   https://youtu.be/s8PiCXrUutg

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Do you own your errors?

We all know that failure is a part of life. How many successful people do you know who haven’t failed along the way? Probably none. The most successful people speak about the mistakes they’ve made on their path to success. More importantly is not only learning from them but owning the errors.   None of

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Why it’s good to know proofreader marks

Why? Because they provide clues of what may needs to be changed. If you are an amateur writer or a business owner who writes your own content, you may not be aware of the kinds of corrections copyeditors make.   Copyeditors are well versed in using copyediting marks to do their jobs effectively when working

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