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Perfect “English”

Matching Tenses Making sure verb tenses match up in a sentence (subject/verb agreement) is a difficult thing to spot when looking over your work—everything seems great when you look at it for hours. Subject/Verb agreement (match) make or break a sentence, as mismatching tenses cause confusion or change the meaning of a sentence completely. This […]

AP Style Basics

Always best to check a manual AP Style is one of the core pieces of knowledge any writer or editor should possess, especially if they work in news. Keeping a small guide of the most common parts of AP Style is essential. You’ll remember not to make a stylistic mistake and you can easily locate […]

Working with Knuckleheads

I have been freelancing and working from home for five months. Of course, networking and other events provide great relief from the quiet. But I find that blocking my time works for me to ensure that I set aside time for important tasks. Be devoted and have the ability to concentrate and not get distracted. […]

Get a fresh perspective

Having a fresh perspective is always beneficial for your writing. Even as a writer, marketing person or content creator, you need a fresh perspective. As an insider, you become entrenched in internal dialog and methods. “Fresh Eyes” also means no preconceived ideas or biases. It is reviewed from the reader’s viewpoint, and that’s the best […]

How to you Pronounce forte?

“Pronunciation is not my [for-tay]” … but I feel that I’ve heard that the correct pronunciation is “Confusing people is my [fort]” Summary: The confusion may come from ‘forte’ as used in music for strong or loud, which is definitely pronounced ‘for tay’ = /ˈfɔr teɪ/. In French, the same letters are pronounced ‘fort’ = […]

Copyediting or Proofreading?

As you can see in the figure, copyediting is more involved and is a deeper look at content. It may involve changing sentences, moving sentences or paragraphs to a better location, and ensuring everything in the piece is true and necessary. If you don’t employ any type of editing after you have written something (or […]

Write with fewer words

What I have learned over the years about editing is to say the least amount of words to get your point across. Excess wording causes people to (1) lose interest; and (2) miss the message. Especially today, we have less time to keep people’s interest. Mark Twain had this comment:

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