Whom We Serve


Writers should simply write. Let the thoughts flow. Get those creative juices running. But, the sellers have editors. That’s. because it is difficult to see your writing “fresh.” You have looked at it and said it in your head too many times.

I help writers view their work from the reader’s viewpoint. That means organizing thoughts, removing excess words, ensuring their work is grammatically correct, and checking style, consistency, format and message. 




The same goes for marketers as it does for writers – let them do their thing the best they can. But it’s best for marketers to use an editor/proofreader because they become so close to the content and have read it so often, they don’t see what readers do. Editors have tricks to remove or reword common phrases and excess words that slow a reader’s comprehension.

The reader is the one who counts. Take the final step of using a set of “Fresh Eyes.” Your readers will appreciate it.

Web Designers and Developers

“Don’t count the people you reach; reach the people who count.” Web designers often use marketing personnel, whose writing is focused on selling and image (as it should be.) But editors focus on the reader. I edit writing so it’s clean and crisp; the message is then delivered more quickly.

A good editor will review everything line-by-line, including:  logo use,  format, consistency in message and style. I edit content to ensure it is clearly understood by the reader. You don’t have much time to capture someone’s attention online: 6-8 seconds. Make those words count. Reach your desired customer.

Small and Large Businesses

Many businesses cannot afford a full-time editor/proofreader, so they count on freelancers and contract workers. Sometimes it’s the occasional need, or someone in whom they can place their trust to know their company’s style, business, and image. 
It’s a small expense with a big payoff. Count on “Fresh Eyes” for your editing needs. 

In Person Presentations

Even a small presentation, brochure or handout to a crowd is a representation of yourself. You want to ensure that your written copy is as pristine as you are. Trust is everything. Make sure your presentation materials are as crisp as you are.