Pricing Guidelines:

You may send a sample to determine level of editing. 

Light Copyediting $25/hour

Copy is well written and needs gentle editing. Proofread.

Medium Copyediting $35-40/hour

Ideas are good and copy needs sentence restructuring, rearranging of sentences and paragraphs for flow. E.g., includes grammar, possession, pronoun use, punctuation, quotation marks, titles, word use, format, style and elimination of unnecessary words. Proofread.

Heavy Copyediting $45-50/hour

Writing needs help in all areas. Writer gets ideas down, but wants it finished by an editor. E.g., deep sentence restructure, paragraph structure, heavy line editing for grammar, pronoun use, proper word use, possession, punctuation, quotation marks, titles, format and style. Proofread. 

Web Content:

Hourly: see above for level required; Flat rate: will review website and propose a flat fee for all web pages and links. Proofread.


Rack cards: $20

Two-page brochure: $40

Four-page brochure $75

Brochures 4+ pages: Hourly by level necessary. See above.


Children’s books: $30/hour. Includes grammar, punctuation, quotations, titles, fictional character style, consistency, format and style. Review the story for flow.

Other books:

(memoirs, booklets, books less than 100 pages) $6-8/page:

Line-by-line review: grammar, punctuation, quotations, word use, titles, consistency, format and style.