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Aussie Pet Mobile of Cuyahoga Valley


About 95% of mobile grooming is for dogs, so we’ll focus here on dog grooming. When your special pooch is brought into a mobile van, the groomer first spends time to connect with your dog.

Building a trust relationship is key for Lassie or Benji to enjoy themselves while being groomed. Happy pooch, happy owner.


I recently spent time speaking with the owner of Aussie Pet Mobile of Cuyahoga Valley to learn more about mobile grooming. Mobile grooming goes beyond the salon experience. Your dog is the king or queen of the world for about 45 minutes to an hour. What animal doesn’t want that attention?


For older dogs, special care is a must. As dogs age, it becomes more difficult to maneuver them. As owners age, too, they may not be able to lift the dog into the car. All in all, mobile grooming is much easier for the dog and certainly easier for the family.


The benefits of mobile grooming are many:

  • Personalized attention and expert care
  • Special knowledge for older pets
  • Clean and safe environment (climate controlled)
  • Same groomer each time to build trust with your dog
  • Eliminates separation anxiety/stress on your dog
  • No cage
  • No noise from other dogs barking
  • No car sickness
  • Convenience – no drop-off and pick-up by owner
  • Eliminates long stays in the salon


Aussie Pet Mobile could easily be called, “It’s All About the Pet.” If you think mobile grooming is a luxury, you’ll soon discover it’s really all about your furry loved one. These groomers are “whisperers,” because they know how to connect with your pet.


What’s best for the dog:

For Aussie Pet, it’s ALWAYS about doing what’s best for the dogs. Brick and mortar salons teach groomers by beginning with bathing, trimming nails, and graduating to other tools. Mobilized grooming requires additional training or experience in “doggie psychology or behavior.” Aussie Pet, requires a few years’ experience or graduation from a grooming school. Grooming technique is only one element of being a great groomer. In fact, Aussie Pet of Cuyahoga Valley is looking for full-time groomers. If you fit the above qualifications, please contact them at The average pay is about twice that of a salon.


Two reason salons are more budget friendly: (1) the dogs are handled by various-level groomers through the stages (2) some salons dry dogs in a crate with a blower, which can be especially stressful on a dog. All animals at Aussie Pet are hand-dried up on a table by their trusted groomer.


At home care:

Most dogs require brushing, whether daily or weekly. Brushing keeps matting to a minimum and keeps soft food from sticking in the beard area. Otherwise, a matted dog may require grooming to a shorter hair length than the owner anticipated. When an owner brushes matted hair, it pulls on the hair and hurts the dog. Brushing cuts down on grooming cost and keeps you and your poochie happy, too.


Regular grooming:

About 70% of owners choose to book their appointments in advance for a year. This smart plan avoids a six-week wait and guarantees you get the appointments you desire. The schedulers at Aussie Pet efficiently map out where to go and in what order allowing for as many appointments as possible.


When cats aren’t groomed, they may suffer from fur balls. Cats are generally groomed three times a year, and good brushing reduces fur balls. Professional brushing and grooming also reduces this issue. Most dogs require grooming every 6-8 weeks, and the schedule is determined by the owner and groomer. Some Labs and Golden Retrievers like getting a “summer cut,” keeping in mind that fur is designed to insulate from the heat as well as the cold. Aussie knows the correct length to avoid skin burn and harm to the dog.


Mobile Grooming Owners:

For those desiring a mobile grooming franchise business, your investment requires purchasing the specially equipped vans, paying fees to the corporation for marketing, advertising and a dispatch system, and knowledge of how to hire the best groomers. You may support your local advertising with social media, networking, special events, and customizing your website with photos and videos of your furry clientele.


Most important, remember that the goal is a happy dog wagging its tail with joy after a grooming. For groomers, the payoff is watching the dogs prance out of the van to their awaiting owner. You’d think they are on the red carpet!


Aussie Pet of Cuyahoga serves Northeast Ohio, the eastern suburbs, western Lake County, western Geauga County, and as far south as Hudson. Please visit for more information.


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