A blue lake, a Blue dog and dark chocolate

It all began with chocolate. Isn’t that the best way to start any adventure?

My husband and I were at the local grocery in Glen Arbor, Michigan picking up a few items when I had a hankering for chocolate. (This happens frequently.) Near the checkout I saw,  “Grocer’s Daughter” chocolate and picked up a bar. 70% dark chocolate caught my eye. Although they make milk, and all kinds of chocolate. Mind you, all goods cost about 20% more at small groceries in upper-lower Michigan when the vacation season is about three -four months. Regardless, I took the risk. The chocolate was amazing and worth the cost.

The next night while having our favorite burger at Joe’s Friendly Tavern in Empire, we passed a store called Grocer’s Daughter Chocolatier. You can imagine my excitement. We had just missed the closing time by about 15 minutes. Elated to discover the home of my chocolate bar, I planned to make a trip back the next day, as it’s only a 10-minute drive from Glen Lake.

The Blue Lake

While relaxing on the deck with my faithful friend, Bentley, (our rescue Yorkie-poo) staring at gorgeous Glen Lake, I realized that Bentley was no longer by my side. He tends to wander off a little bit, but rarely and only to one of the houses on either side of us (to visit the neighbors’ dogs). Not finding him lakeside, I began to panic and ran toward the street. Much to my surprise, I find Bentley along with a beautiful blond, medium-sized dog who, thankfully, had a collar and tags.


The Blue Dog

His tag read “Blue,” and by his address, he lived in Empire, about 10 minutes away. They both looked up at me as if to say, “What? We’re just hanging out here in the driveway.” It was a precious sight with a tall blond dog, and a little 10 pound blondie. They were instant friends. Darling Bentley kept Blue busy “conversing” with him long enough for me to discover the pair. Lord knows where Blue might have wandered. Was he really eight miles away from home? Bentley saved the day by keeping Blue busy. note: Bentley is a friendly little Yorkie. We always joke that he would go home with anyone. Blue was super friendly and immediately came to me and kissed my hands and knees. Poor boy. He was panting and thirsty. He’s slurped a medium bowl of water and was still panting.


I quickly called the phone number on his collar. His owner had been gardening at a friend’s house and hadn’t realized that he left. It turns out, she rescued him about four weeks ago, and given that he’s only 10 months old, his curiosity got the best of him. He had traveled several miles. No wonder he was thirsty.


The Dark Chocolate

Here’s the best part of the story. His owner, Sarah, runs the kitchen at the Grocer’s Daughter – the same store where I tried to shop for chocolate the prior day! That’s a God Wink. What are the chances that the lost dog belonged to the kitchen manager at the chocolate store I tried to visit? Seemed like one in a million. 


Sarah is a wonderful person, and very generous. She was so thankful that we kept Blue safe that she then dropped off a bag full of various dark chocolates. A woman after my heart.


Bentley made a new pal, we met a darling, wonderful dog and owner, and we gained a wonder sampling of chocolates to devour.

Life is good at the lake.

Note and picture of chocolate

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