Lunch 'N Learn

Easy Steps to Writing Credibility

Take the worry out of your writing.
You have a great product, an engaging presentation, and provide a needed service – and your writing needs to
compliment those.

Not everyone is a writer – I am not. But I take other people’s writing and edit it to ensure that it is
professional, in active voice, employs proper word use, and is grammatically correct.
These editing tips are essential.

In this session, we will review the following topics to ensure you present yourself in print and on line more

• Don’t trust spell or grammer check
• Commas – most common
• Hyphenation
• Which or That – when to use
• Possession
• Subject-verb agreement
• Misspelled words
• Missused words
• AP Style quick reference*
• Fun little test

Individual or Group Sessions. Time for questions and answers.
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