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Really Unique – really?

Really, very, especially, (choose your adverb) People love to modify the word “unique.” The problem is that it’s an absolute adjective. It can’t be compared or take a superlative form. Like dead and pregnant. You simply can’t modify them. (Thank you for mentioning this President Bartlet on West Wing.) Let’s not take the easy (and

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8 Cs to Better Writing

8 Easy Tips for Better Business Writing   Clear – be clear in your writing. If someone has any confusion about what you are conveying, you’ve lost them. Coherent – make sure all elements of writing are correct. Grammar, punctuation, capitalization, subject-verb agreement, etc. Concise – remove unnecessary jargon and phrases. Instead of “in order

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7 Common Bookkeeping Mistakes to Avoid

People often think they need to start in January to get ready for tax season and to prepare for their tax returns. You can start at the beginning of the year and have everything ready by December 31. Follow these 7 guidelines to avoid making mistakes and to make your life easier for filing. MISTAKE

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SEO and Key Words Helpful Tips

SEO – Search Engine Optimization You may have heard of SEO, or “Search Engine Optimization” in relation to any type of web content writing. SEO can help your writing more than you’d think, as it centers your topic focus before creating articles or posting. By using key words that cause your content to appear after

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To create a positive company culture where each person is valued and treated equally, you need more than a diverse group of people on the payroll. Each individual employee must feel appreciated, heard and supported. Consider these strategies for ensuring an inclusive environment at your workplace.   Advocate for a diversity and inclusion council. For

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A While – Awhile – do you know the difference?

You must say this word or phrase frequently. But are you using them correctly?   Follow this simple explanation: “a” is an adjective and “while” is a noun. See the difference below.   Compare these two sentences: I watched the show for a while. I watched the show awhile.   “While” is a noun. While

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How to write a great blog

I have presented the topic in this video to several groups. People love and gain several great tips to improve their writing. This video first shows how to write better using a little editing, then presents ways to make your blog stand out. Enjoy.

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Do you own your errors?

We all know that failure is a part of life. How many successful people do you know who haven’t failed along the way? Probably none. The most successful people speak about the mistakes they’ve made on their path to success. More importantly is not only learning from them but owning the errors.   None of

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Steal a Pencil for Me

I’m drawn to documentaries and films about German-occupied Europe. If it weren’t documented, we might not believe it happened. Taken from your home and grabbed by guards — never to return. All belongings and sense of home and life vanished. Next, you’re hauled to a train going where you have no idea what know your

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