Words and phrases that kill writing

Many of the great writers of all times speak of writing clearly, concisely, and using less words. A valuable gift for your readers is to write for them, not yourself. Communicating with clarity is probably one of the most difficult writing tasks. Somehow through the years, we are taught that longer sentences and verbose words … Read moreWords and phrases that kill writing

Creating a Style Guide

If you are using writing or editing assistance, a style sheet is essential. You likely have terms, proper nouns, logos and other kinds of “styles” you prefer. A style sheet is a list of requirements for how writing should appear to be consistent throughout the project or paper. This saves you time and money by … Read moreCreating a Style Guide

Does your writing need editing and proofreading? Find out here.

1) Evaluate why you publish content. Answer this and make sure that your writing reflects and addresses this goal. If you want to get hired, are you providing examples of your success? Are you certain you are writing for your audience and not for yourself? It’s all about the customer. Most writers and marketers write … Read moreDoes your writing need editing and proofreading? Find out here.

How to use the apostrophe ‘s or s’

It’s one tiny character – ‘ – but  the apostrophe can cause confusion and torment for some. Read this article from The Grammar Girl to help you with the more confusing issues involving possession and the apostrophe. Turns out, it’s a matter of style and choice. No one is wrong. https://www.quickanddirtytips.com/education/grammar/apostrophe-catastrophe-part-two?e=cf9416b5b5940b83256069c339ac8849dc46ef59b94887ebc19f6d3719a6d333

Why almost everyone needs an editor

Here are a few valid reasons to use an editor (even when you think you don’t need one.) You are too close to the material. You have gone over it many times and don’t catch what could be improved. Also, it may make perfect sense to you in your mind, but not to others. Poorly … Read moreWhy almost everyone needs an editor