About Trina

About Trina

photo: kyle hanson

You know the feeling — something was overlooked after all the time you spent on your writing. It happens to the best of us. And if it was printed, reprinting is costly.

I am a freelance copyeditor and proofreader who ensures your writing is in its best condition before publishing (or uploading). Enhancing your writing is my goal, while never changing your “voice” or intention. 

In today’s world, you have about six to seven seconds to grab someone’s attention. Your content is critical; sentences and paragraphs should vary in length. Let’s face it –  people are tired and work quickly. They often research you online before contacting you. That means your writing is their first impression, so it must grab attention quickly and keep their interest. If your writing isn’t professional, you may lose credibility. So, don’t give them an opportunity to look elsewhere. Grab the reader’s attention while you have it. 

This is true not only for web content, but for brochures, speeches, scripts, presentations, opinions, handouts, and displays – all material should be in its best condition. 

As an executive assistant and marketing coordinator, I worked for some of the top companies in Cleveland. As years passed, people came to me as the go-to person for reviewing their work with “fresh eyes.” In my capacities, I was engaged in the entire process — from initial draft to editing to second-round editing to the last stage — proofreading. (No edits after proofreading.)

Having a keen eye for editing and proofreading includes ensuring clear writing, clarity, consistency, format, grammar, proper word usage, punctuation, and style. 

Use Fresh Eyes for a fresh perspective. I look at it for the first time, as a reader would. Call or email me for a free quote. Once the writing is complete, having a set of “fresh eyes” is essential.

Trina Gigax