About Trina

About Trina


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You know the feeling – something was overlooked after all the time you spent on a piece. It happens to the best of us! And reprinting is costly.

Trina Gigax, a copyeditor living in the Cleveland area, can improve your writing through clarity, word use, conciseness, and style. Never changing your “voice” or intention, she merely enhances your writing, while correcting along the way.

In today’s world, you have about six seconds to grab someone’s attention. Your sentences are critical, and paragraphs should be short. People are tired and work quickly. They learn about you online before contacting or meeting you. That means your writing is their first impression of you, so it must grab attention quickly and keep them reading. You don’t want them wandering elsewhere.

This is true not just for web content, but for brochures, speeches, scripts, presentations, opinions, handouts, displays – all material should be in its best condition. 

As an executive assistant and a marketing coordinator, Trina worked for Wyse Advertising in marketing; for principals at Zaremba Corporation; legal assistant for the principal partner at Calfee, Halter & Griswold, LLP; for The Cleveland Orchestra; and as a supervisor in curriculum for Shaker Schools. As years passed, she became the go-to person on whom others relied for “fresh eyes,” forcing her to strive for perfection under pressure. In her capacities, she learned everything from initial draft to edits to second-round edits to proofreading and, finally, publishing.

She often had to combine several presentations into one. This proved to be a challenge, as presentations had to appear as though they were written by one individual, with one consistent voice and style. But these types of challenges allowed her to utilize all her skills and she thrives on that. 

Trina believes that having a keen eye for editing and proofreading includes clear writing, clarity, consistency, grammar, proper word usage, punctuation, and style. 

Use Fresh Eyes for a fresh perspective. 

Trina is a member of NAWBO and the Chagrin Valley Chamber of Commerce.


Trina Gigax