About Trina

Photo: Scott Morrison

I am a freelance copyeditor and proofreader who ensures your writing is in its best condition before publishing (or uploading.) Enhancing your writing is my goal, while never changing your “voice” or intention.

As an executive assistant and marketing coordinator, I worked for some of the top companies in Cleveland. As years passed, I became the go-to person for reviewing work with “fresh eyes.” In my capacities, I was engaged in the entire copyediting process — from initial draft to editing to the last stage — proofreading. (No edits after proofreading.)

In today’s world, you have about five to six seconds to grab someone’s attention online or in what they read. Your content is critical. Let’s face it – people learn about you online before contacting you. Your writing is their first impression, so it must grab their attention and keep their interest.

It’s almost impossible to be objective about your writing because you are too familiar with it. You can’t see it as a reader would – for the first time. If your writing isn’t professional, your credibility goes down a few points. So, don’t give readers an opportunity to look elsewhere. Grab the reader’s attention while you have it.

This is true for web content, brochures, displays, handouts, presentations, speeches or scripts – all material should be in its best condition.

Having a keen eye means reviewing clarity, consistency, format, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure and style. It’s not about misspelled words or simple proofreading.

Using Fresh Eyes is having a fresh perspective – I review it as a reader would.

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