“Write without fear, but edit without mercy.”


How well do you write?

Most people would answer, “Fine,” or “Pretty well.” Or perhaps they answer that they use a marketing person or content writer, so they don’t think about it. But writing and editing are separate disciplines. The best writers – famous writers – use editors. Why? You cannot look at your writing with fresh eyes. Your brain actually skips words and doesn’t see errors because it finishes the sentence for you. (As it as “heard” it many times prior.) And, how you perceive it is not how a reader would. You want writing that is crisp, clear, noteworthy and in the best condition possible.

Writing and marketing material should convey your message without clutter. Clutter is what keeps a reader from smoothly reading it and comprehending it. Content needs to be as professional as you are or you risk losing credibility. If you lose your readers up front, you’ve lost them forever.

“I enhance writing with a careful review for clarity, conciseness and impact. Editing is necessary AND affordable. Editing and proofreading are the next steps after writing. If you are too familiar with your material, you miss what others see.”

Put your mind at ease. Have a professional review it with fresh eyes.

Rely on Fresh Eyes Reading for a fresh perspective.



I help improve and polish your writing through careful review of sentence structure, word choice, clarity, conciseness and readability. The best writers and marketers need editors because they cannot view it as a reader does – the writer is too familiar with the material. 

Put your mind at ease.

Fresh Eyes Reading – affordable and worthwhile.


Fresh Eyes Reading will:

  • Clearly convey your message
  • Improve the efficiency and flow of your writing
  • Ensure proper capitalization, grammar, punctuation, subject-verb agreement, pronouns and possessive forms, word use, spacing, and style.
  • See it as the reader does, for the first time.
  • Remove unnecessary phrasing.

Correspondence, newsletters, marketing materials, presentations, publications, speeches, scripts, and web content.