Take the Worry out of your Writing

Rely on Fresh Eyes for your editing needs.

You have five seconds or less to capture someone’s attention. Especially on web content. Reading on the web is more difficult on eyes and comprehension than it is in print.

Your writing and marketing material should be crisp, clear, and convey your message. It needs to be as professional as you are or you risk losing credibility. Otherwise, your reader won’t understand the message and they will move on or toss the brochure.

I help improve writing through carefully reviewing sentence structure, choice of words, clarity and conciseness. Editing is necessary and affordable. If you are too familiar with your material, you can’t view it as a reader does – with Fresh Eyes.

Put your mind at ease.

Fresh Eyes Reading – affordable and worthwhile.


Fresh Eyes Reading will:

  • Clearly convey your message
  • Improve the efficiency and flow of your writing
  • Ensure proper capitalization, grammar, punctuation, subject-verb agreement, relative pronouns, proper word use, spacing, and style
  • Be consistent throughout
  • Avoid the impression of carelessness

Correspondence, newsletters, marketing materials, presentations, publications, speeches, scripts, and web content.