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Redundant Words

Watch for unnecessary words causing redundancy. You will not only be writing better but show your intelligence by avoiding these. Advance warning or notice – A ‘warning’ is always something in advance. You cannot rewind time.  Actual fact – A ‘fact’ is by definition is something that has been established. Forever and ever – Forever is forever – until […]

Importance of Copyediting

First, yes — copyediting became one word in 2018. It is still accepted either way. Copyediting is defined as follows: Copy editing (also copyediting, sometimes abbreviated ce) is the process of reviewing and correcting written material to improve accuracy, readability, and fitness for its purpose, and to ensure that it is free of error, omission, […]

In the News

It is said, “All press is good press.” Although the caption should read, “Fresh Eyes Reading,” I am grateful for the exposure. This was a wonderful event given by the Chagrin Falls Chamber of Commerce to benefit our first responders. Thank you all!

Weekly Words Q-V

the picture is a hint for a word below Regrettably/Regretfully Regrettable: (adj) regrettably (adv) causing or deserving regret; unfortunate; deplorable. Regretfully: (adv)\Regret; sorrowful because of what is lost, gone, or done. Reluctant/Reticent Reluctant: (adj) unwilling; disincline; struggling in opposition. a reluctant candidate. Reticent: (adj) disposed to be silent or not to speak freely; reserved. reluctant or restrained. Stationary/Stationery (see my mnemonic device how to […]

The Bumpy Road

I created a partial metaphor yesterday while sending love and prayers to an ill friend. As I responded later, I realized I was also speaking about my life, especially the recent past. The last two years have been particularly challenging in ways I never imagined. They involved personal issues, family medical, dementia of a parent, […]

Weekly Words M-Q

This week we will explore a few words from categories that are as confusing as some of the words! Most of us are familiar with homonyms, but did you know they have a sub-category: (homophones)? Then we have homographs to add more to the mix. Let’s hope this article helps clear things up a bit. […]

Weekly Words F-L

This week I explore the misunderstood use of a few words from f-l. I was also asked to repost affect/effect and ensure/insure. Affect – (verb) to act on; produce an effect; change My poor windows affect the temperature in the house. Effect – (noun) a result; something that is produced by cause; a consequence The […]

Confusing Words-Week Two

Selection A-G As promised, here is week two of words that may be confusing. Since I will be going alphabetically, I am choosing a few words from A-G. aural/oral/verbal: Aural: comes from ‘aura” – think ‘a’ — atmosphere; ear, hearing, sensation, distinct quality. Oral: think dentist – through the mouth, spoken. Oral is only through […]

Confusing English Words

Be Sure to Choose the Correct Word. We all know the English language can be a bit confusing. Imagine being non-American and trying to learn English. Many people repeat words they hear, but confuse it with what was intended. Each week, I will display a few common misused words. Adverse – unfavorable, opposing, contrary. Adverse […]

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